Character List
Dixie "DA" Flannigan~Five ft 2, whole lotta of attitude, baddest bounty hunter in Texas.  Has a heart of gold and will help anyone out in need.  Dixie was a big shot district attorney, but gave it all up to become a skip tracer after becoming disgusted with the system.   She's the total opposite of Stephanie, knows how to use a gun and is not afraid to mix it up with skips.  Dixie was adopted by the Flannigans at an early age.  Learning how to love from her adoptive parents, Kathleen and Barney (now both deceased), Dixie has overcome her childhood past of abuse at the hands of her real mother's boyfriends.

Belle Richards~ Dixie's best friend, a defense attorney in her own firm.  

Amy Flannigan~Dixie's adoptive sister, wife of Carl and mother of 11 yr. old Ryan.  Cares about Dixie deeply and wants her to settle down.

MUD~Dixie's mutt dog, name is short for 'mean ugly dog'