Character List
Stephanie Plum~This chick has got it going on! She's sassy, brassy, and totally unpredictable. She hides her gun in the cookie jar, so she won't accidentally shoot anyone. She lives for food and doesn't miss dinner at her parents if she can help it. Stephanie has a good heart and tries to do the right thing. She just has this nasty habit of having cars blown up wherever she is, dead bodies piling up, and she can't resist Joe Morelli!

Joe Morelli~The cop who won't leave Stephanie alone; there's just something about him that pushes Stephanie's buttons.

Lula~a former hooker turned file clerk in Vinnie's bond store, she credits Stephanie with saving her life and therefore tries to help Stephanie with bail jumpers whenever she can!

Grandma Mazur~Stephanie's 72 year old grandmother who loves going to funerals and generally meddling in Stephanie's life.

Ranger~The mysterious bounty hunter who takes Stephanie under his wing. His past is not clear, but clearly he is hiding something.

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