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Chris Rogers 'Factor' series is along the same lines as Janet Evanovich which is why I have chosen to feature her in this site.  You can also check out Chris's own official site,

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It's not surprising that Dixie Flannigan comes across as 250 pounds of attitude stuffed into a 120-pound package. As a Texas prosecutor turned bounty hunter, Dixie has to intimidate a collection of much larger males into believing she's capable of doing them serious harm if they try to escape her clutches. In her debut thriller, Chris Rogers pushes just hard enough on Dixie's tough-talking image to make her believable, and then drops her into a story where her smartness and humanity become equally important. Transporting an escaped prisoner through a South Dakota snowstorm, Dixie slowly finds herself believing him when he insists that somebody else killed the 11-year-old girl he's accused of running over while drunk. We believe him, too: The wisecracking Dixie isn't the only soft touch in town.
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Bitch Factor introduced Houston's toughest bounty hunter: Dixie Flannigan, five feet two inches and 120 pounds of highly honed brain and muscle, packing assorted types of heat. Now she's back, in a case exploding with...Rage Factor.
Her ten years as a prosecutor showed Dixie the difference between law and justice. But not even she can believe a sleaze like Lawrence Riley Coombs, on trial for a sadistic rape, will walk--especially after jumping bail and beating her up when she went to bring him in. But Coombs's smooth good looks and powerful connections are enough to sway a jury. Set free, he leaves the courtroom with a salacious whispered threat of revenge to Assistant DA Brenda Benson, Dixie's longtime friend.
Dixie's soon distracted from her outrage by a job that's cushy, for a change: bodyguarding Sarina Page, a bright, precocious Hollywood kid whose mother is being menaced by a stalker. And for further distraction, Dixie's being pressured by the new man in her life, Parker Dann, to find a less dangerous line of work.
But Dixie can't seem to divorce herself from danger. When a vigilante group abducts Coombs and gives him a brutal taste of his own medicine, she can't resist doing a little investigating to see if Brenda could possibly be involved. As she moves in on the kidnappers, other high-profile beneficiaries of revolving-door justice meet with outlaw reprisal that swiftly spins out of control--and at least one of the avengers will go to any length to protect their mission.
What Dixie doesn't realize is that there's someone who's targeting her: someone who likes his revenge slow and painful--and if seventeen-year-old Sarina gets in the way, so much the better....
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Dixie Flannigan returns in a novel in which she's the victim of a con, the witness to a crime, and the only bounty hunter in town with the brains, the muscle, and the heart to stop a coldly calculating killer.

Former prosecutor Dixie Flannigan is fearless when it comes to facing down lowlifes and bail jumpers. But she'd rather wrestle the meanest snake in a Texas bayou than balance her own checkbook. So when, during a stakeout, Dixie learns that a sizable sum of cash is missing from her account, she makes sure her quarry is in cuffs and then heads for her local bank...only to find herself in the middle of a holdup carried out by a most unlikely robber.

Pointing a .38 at the terrified teller is a middle-aged woman with a pleasant--and shockingly familiar--face. And Dixie can only watch in disbelief as Edna Pine, the neighbor she loves like family, makes off with three bags of stolen loot.

No way could the kind, gentle, thoughtful soul Dixie knows as Aunt Edna turn into a gun-wielding bank robber. Yet the situation becomes even more surreal when Edna leads cops on a high-speed chase that ends in a violent shoot-out. Suddenly Edna is dead, the money has vanished, and the police have dubbed Edna the latest in a string of "granny bandits."

Now, dogged by guilt at not doing more to stop her, and pressured by Edna's son to uncover the desperate emotions that led the comfortably well-off widow to her terrible end, Dixie sets aside her personal problems--from the uncertain state of her finances to the rocky state of her love life--to dig for the truth. Soon Dixie is on the trail of a master manipulator who has set in motion a devastating plot. And she's about to discover the ice-cold lesson that a smile is the most chilling weapon of all....
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