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 I recently discovered Janet Evanovich's smart, sassy Stephanie Plum series. There are only 5 titles so far, but with an unlimited amount of numbers, (unlike Sue Grafton's alphabet series), these series is likely to continue as long as the fans clamor for it!

Stephanie is a Jersey girl, from Trenton. She gets into the bounty hunting business out of desperation when she is laid off of her job as a lingerie buyer. Stephanie needs money fast; her cousin Vinnie owns a bail bond store. Stephanie figures she'll nab one big case to tide her over until she can get a better job. Her first case: Grab Joe Morelli, a former vice cop with whom she has history with. Now, if you want a nice easy read, that will keep you till the last page, pick up Janet's series. I guarantee you will not be disappointed! I laugh out loud to all of Janet's books because I cannot believe what she puts Stephanie thru. With a cast of characters that you have to read to believe, you will be clamoring for more!  

If you like Janet, try Chris Rogers

This series is similar to Janet's in that it is about a female bounty hunter, however, Rogers' character, Dixie Flannigan is no fool! She's got brains and muscle on her 5'2", 120 lb. frame. Dixie "DA" Flannigan was a district attorney in Houston, TX. She gave it all up to be the best bounty hunter in Texas. Join Dixie in her adventures in Texas. Chris Rogers gives us a great character who is nothing like Stephanie, but you'll like her just the same. These books are also smart, sassy and great fun!

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